World’s Biggest Casino

Casinos have certainly become big business these days but none bigger than the Venetian Macau . The luxury hotel resort which opened in 2007 is home to the world’s biggest casino which has over 3400 slot machines and 870 gaming tables. If gambling is not your thing... read more
Why Do Dogs  Eat Grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

For many thousands of years dogs have been scavengers eating whatever they need to fulfil their dietary requirements. With domestication came commercial dog foods and a departure from the dog’s natural inclination to eat their entire prey – including the... read more


Parasite Got Your Tongue?

To some extent you can relax because this doesn’t affect humans. On the other hand cymothoa exigua is probably the most disturbing thing you will read about today. Cymothoa exigua, also known as the ‘tongue eating louse’, is a parasite that affects fish, especially... read more

The Legal Showdown.

Why You Can’t Buy A Nissan at (Image via Wikimedia Commons. All rights released by author.) For most of us, registering a domain based on our own name doesn’t cause too many problems -especially if you got in early and secured your exact name... read more

Marilyn Monroe Was Not A Size 16 By Today’s Standards

Marilyn Monroe was one of the most iconic women of last century. Now, in this century her famous curves have become the go-to example for those arguing in favour of larger sizes in the ongoing debate over body image and the unrealistic expectations that much of the... read more

Ten Of The World’s Most Daunting Runways

You don’t want your pilot to be a first-timer when you fly in and out of these places. These runways present a challenge for even the most experienced aviators.   1. Princess Juliana International Airport, St Maarten At 7152 feet the runway is fine for smaller... read more

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Eight Facts About Tigers

The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest member of the Felidae family. With its distinguishable stripes, the big cat is one of the world’s most iconic animals being adopted adopted as the mascot for sporting teams around the world, and featuring on coats of arms and... read more

The Yeti Crab

Kiwa hirsuta, dubbed the ‘Yeti Crab’ by those who discovered it in 2005 deep in the South Pacific Ocean, is around 15cm long and is distinguished by the large quantity of blonde bristles (technically called setae) which cover its legs and claws. The... read more

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