For many thousands of years dogs have been scavengers eating whatever they need to fulfil their dietary requirements.

With domestication came commercial dog foods and a departure from the dog’s natural inclination to eat their entire prey – including the stomach contents of plant eating animals.

It stands to reason then that if the modern canine is not getting sufficient nutrients in their diet, they will seek out another source which is often your lawn. Unfortunately though dogs don’t have the enzymes to digest grass so it has little nutritional value for them. A better option is to try including  some cooked vegetables with their food.

So why do they throw up then?

The important thing here is how the dog eats the grass. A dog that just needs a bit of roughage will tend to nibble on a small amount of grass. On the other hand, a dog that is looking for relief from an upset stomach might gulp down grass so that it tickles the throat and in turn triggers the vomiting reflex, providing some relief.

Most experts believe that a dog eating small quantities is not a  cause for alarm but obviously if you are concerned you should take Rover to see your vet.



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