Do You Swallow Spiders In Your Sleep?

The Claim A commonly believed statistic claims that the average person swallows 8 spiders in their sleep every year. The Facts Fear not fellow arachnophobes, the truth is that this ‘fact’ was made up in 1993 by a journalist called Lisa Holst writing for PC... read more

Amazonian Giant Centipede

The Amazonian giant centipede is the largest centipede alive, reaching lengths of 30 centimetres. They are carnivorous and feed on lizards, snakes, mice, and even bats. While their venom is not enough to kill an adult human, it may cause reactions with the skin. Learn... read more


Ten Australian Inventions That Changed The World

Here “down under” we are well known for our kangaroos and Vegemite and a host of great tourist attractions. What you may not realise is that we have also been responsible for a whole stack of inventions or world firsts that have changed our society, saved lives, or... read more

Snowflake The Albino Gorilla

Snowflake (c.1963 – 2003) was the only known albino gorilla in the world and a popular resident of Barcelona Zoo for many years. He came to be at the zoo after being found by ape specialist Jordi Sabater Pi in Spanish Guinea (now Equatorial Guinea) in 1966. At the... read more

Why Is Burger King Called Hungry Jack’s In Australia?

(Image: Stan Zemanek via Wikimedia Commons) When Burger King went to expand its operations into Australia, they found that the name “Burger King” had already been trademarked by a take-away food shop in Adelaide. The name “Hungry Jack’s” was chosen by Australian... read more

The First Presidential Armoured Car Belonged To Al Capone

After the attack on Pearl Harbour, the Secret Service determined it would be wise to obtain a bullet-proof vehicle to transport President Franklin D.Roosevelt to address Congress where it was expected the U.S would formally declare war. Due to government restrictions... read more

Fried Tarantula Anyone?

In parts of Cambodia fried spiders are a popular delicacy. The main centre of the practice is a town called Skuon where the “a-ping”, a species of burrowing tarantula, are bred or simply foraged from the forest. The cooked spiders are readily available in market... read more

Blood Donor Saves Two Million Babies

An Australian man named James Harrison has made over 1000 blood donations which in turn have saved over 2 million unborn babies from Rhesus disease. At the age of 13, Mr Harrison had major lung surgery requiring 13 litres of his blood to be replaced. At that point he... read more

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Six Quick Facts: 1

When symbols are used to replace letters to indicate swearing without actually writing the word, the sequence of symbols is called a ‘grawlix’. Top @#%*! Samuel Clemens’ occupation as a riverboat pilot was the inspiration for his pen name Mark Twain. “Mark... read more

Columnar Basalt

Columnar basalt forms when a lava flows cools quickly and contracts. The force of the contraction creates a network of fractures that are predominantly hexagonal with other polygons of up to twelve sides also found. read more

Most Popular Time To Rob A Bank

In 2011 in the US there were 5014 bank robberies (around 14 per day not accounting for weekends and holidays) with an average haul of around $8457. The most likely time for a bank hold-up was late Friday afternoon followed by Tuesday morning. The majority of offenders... read more

Why Chocolate Can Kill Your Pet

Chocolate contains an alkaloid called “theobromine” which stimulates the central nervous system, cardiovascular system and slightly increases blood pressure. In humans this is barely noticeable and might even make us feel good, but dogs, and certain other animals such... read more

Who Knows What Is Really In The Ocean?

The oceans cover around 70% of the earth’s surface and influences weather patterns and by default virtually every aspect of our lives. Yet only around 5% of the total volume of the Earth’s oceans have been explored. We have better maps of the surface of Mars... read more

Why Red Meat Is Red

Many people believe that red meat is red because of blood but that’s not true. If it was, all meat would be red would it not? The red colour is from a protein called myoglobin which is far more abundant in red meat than white. When you cook the meat, iron atoms in the... read more

Bizarre Animal Trials

These days when an animal injures or kills someone, or causes damage to property, we have the sense to know that animals don’t have the mental capacity to apply human values to what they have done. However, history reveals that in days past it was not unusual for the... read more

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